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The Soother: Book Two of the Brennan Coven Trilogy (Crimson Romance)

The Soother (Crimson Romance) - Elle J Rossi Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: AutumnNot having read the first volume of this Crimson Romance Trilogy I was unaware of the protagonists’, Calliope the Soother’s, back story but it did not take me long to be pulled into her world of magic and mystery. I really connected with Calliope’s character of being someone who instinctively needs to care and help everyone in the world feeling a deep kinship with the populace. Love interest, Krystoff Dubhar, being a half vampire wizard and slowly corrupted by dark shadows seems like the natural polar opposite for the pure hearted white magic using Calliope. However their love is one for the ages, instant attraction for each other saves Krystoff but angers his mother Riona queen of shadows and darkness. Beautifully portrayed scenery makes you feel as if you are in the witch’s village surrounded by fields and flowers seeing the decorations for their celebrations. By contradiction, the realm ruled by Queen Riona sends chills of musty fog through your mind imagining the slime oozing moss and decrepit forests. Krystoff’s mother is by the least amount of words the most cruel and soulless woman character to be found in fiction writing. The phrase “well that escalated quickly” was never used more appropriately than to describe Calliope and Krystoff’s intense relationship, turning from fascination and curiosity to a strong sexual fire. I really was impressed by the side characters depth and strength to pull along the plotline in a positive way and improving the main characters resolve. Even the most of minor characters evolve farther into the story giving a greater background to this world shimmered by magic. Following the journey of Calliope as she tries to discover her true feelings, power, and loyalties I think everyone would gladly believe in her ability to accomplish anything. I honestly cannot wait to read the first and next volume in this dark fantasy series. Joyfully I would recommend this book to many of my friends who share the same interest in the genre.