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Winterblaze: Number 3 in series (Darkest London)

Winterblaze - Kristen Callihan Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 Controllers Review Source: NetGalleyReviewer: HeatherIt’s not any big secret how much I’ve fallen in love with Kristen Callahan. I think I’ve stated this before, when I reviewed her first and second books from the Darkest London series. What I love most is that you can pick up wherever, but starting at the beginning is always fun too. I don’t do spoilers, but I will say that the first three books follow the lives of three sisters. The third book covers the eldest, Poppy and her beloved husband of fourteen years, Winston. Poppy’s kept secrets from not only her husband, but her family too. In book three they all come crashing down on her. Winston also has a dark secret, a pact that is so far in his past he’s forgotten about it. When their secrets collide, the couple only has four days to solve their case, but will it save or destroy their marriage? This has the same voice that I’ve come to love from Callihan. Witty, strong women and men face off at every turn. No one is weak, but each has weaknesses. Typically it’s the warring couple, and that’s great because it leads up to some awesome tension and big explosive moments. This one, like her last, brought in some steam punk elements. They mainly revolve around the SOS, or the Suppression of Supernaturals. I hope this continues, because I think it’s a wonderful addition to the world she’s created. I’m looking forward to the next in the series! If you enjoy romance, with paranormal, historical, and fantasy twists this is an author to follow. If I wasn’t already in love with London than I am now, because she portrays this underground in a beautiful way, without getting flowery or dull. Her characters are real, not full of frippery ladies, and she writes debauchery well enough without it being overly slutty.