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Pushing the Limits - Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 Controllers, Crown RatingReview Source: Audiobook Purchase Reviewer: MeTypically Contemporary Romances are NOT my thing. I usually need a little magic or paranormal to get me interested in a story, at least to keep me reading some three to four hundred pages. However, that was then…and this is now. Pushing the Limits blew my mind and rocked my Contemporary Socks Off! I highly recommend this delectable treat to everyone who loves a dangerous romance, secrets, and characters that can – and will – stand the test of time. It’s the right combination of swoon worthy characters and a heartbreaking story to keep even the coldest heart fluttering wildly. As soon as the audio began, I melted over these characters. Echo is a tough, sassy, do-the-right-thing kind of character. A girl with a hidden past she can’t remember, and who doesn’t question the things that happen to her without good reason. That is until she begins to tutor the hunky bad boy Noah Hutchins. When these two characters meet, an uncontrollable – forbidden- attraction develops, one that neither of them can deny. The way the two complement each other is outstanding. They are like night and day, sunshine and rain. Perfect and imperfect. I love them, can’t get enough of them, and wish I had more of their edgy love affair. Overall, get this book! Pushing the Limits should be on everyone’s shelf!