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The Scourge (The Scourge, #1)

The Scourge (The Scourge, #1) - A.G. Henley Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: BaileyThe Scourge by A.G. Henley is the tale of a post-apocalyptic society struggling for survival, while facing a plague of humanoid monsters called the Scourge. The protagonist is a teenage Groundling called Fennel. Because she is Sightless, Fennel is protected from the Scourge and must gather water for her community as the rest of its members hide in a cave from the Scourge. With her community falling deeper into chaos, Fennel volunteers to go on journey to find a new source of water, safe from the Scourge, so her people and the Lofties, who live in the trees above them, can live in peace. With the fate of the people resting on her shoulders, Fennel sets out with her Keeper, Peree, in tow. What will happen when she learns dark secrets about the people she’s left behind and that the Scourge may not be the monsters they seem? I absolutely loved this novel and would go so far as to deem it one of the best I’ve read recently. I’ll admit that I went to Google to find out when the sequel came out as soon as I finished it. I’m a huge fan of Dystopian societies, so this story was right up my alley. I liked that it had plot twists and things were often not exactly as they seemed. The characters were all compelling in their own way. Even characters I didn’t particularly like made me feel for them and understand why they were the way they were The book wasn’t excessively long and was a really easy read. It pulled me in. I would definitely recommend The Scourge to fans of post-apocalyptic worlds and for those who like stories that mix adventure and romance seamlessly.