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Master of Love - Catherine LaRoche Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: PublisherReviewer: CrayolaKym LaRoche has captured a beautiful romantic story with Master of Love, giving it an almost Beauty & the Beast style storyline. She molds her characters from the inside out, becoming so life like I felt as if I actually grew to know them and was saddened upon finishing the book. She left me feeling as though I had lost two close friends. Dominick Avery may be irresistible to the ladies with his brooding looks and boyish charm, but beneath his luscious exterior is a highly intellectual man just yearning to be taken for more than just eye candy. Callista is a struggling rare book dealer and librarian not even making enough to scrape by and is “given” to Dominick as part of a library collection from his Uncle. As they learn more about each other Callista finds herself falling for his overly flirtatious advances and goes to the extent of putting her own life on the line to save his when she stumbles across a plot involving Dominick and his life. I’m not sure about the choice of character names and how suiting they were to the storyline. We have a man with two semi-feminine names who also has very feminine like qualities almost to the point you might think their roles were reversed. Then we have Callista Higginbotham, a name, while very English, just seemed too much for such a simple woman. She is very strong and determined and seems more of an adult. Either way, this was a very enticing story that quickly swept me off my feet and hooked me very briefly into the book.