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Night's Darkest Embrace - Jeaniene Frost Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Publisher for Honest ReviewReviewer: MeMercy, mercy, mercy…*fans self* Where to begin with this exotic, enticing, thrilling tale of destined lovers. First off let me say, I absolutely loved Night’s Darkest Embrace. It’s a fun quick read with a heat meter off the charts. I was immediately drawn to these characters in just a few short chapters and once I got a taste of the delicious specimen known as Rafael, I was hooked. Our main character Mara is a woman out for revenge. Against everyone’s wishes, she enters the world of Nocturna, where demons roam free and everything is unpredictable. Out for vengeance and blood, she gets herself tangled up with Rafael, the leader of this dark world, who has his own agenda when it comes to Mara. After surprising twists and unpredictable turns, the story morphs into sensual chaos and a mesmerizing adventure. There’s never a dull moment as readers sit back and watch truths come to light and love replace lust. It’s daring, heart-pounding, and exactly the type of paranormal romance readers of this genre crave. Overall, I highly recommend this novella to anyone who loves their romance with fast-paced adventure, swoon worthy chemistry between their characters, and unpredictability. I am new to Jeaniene Frost’s work (*gasp*) and I must say, I will definitely be coming back for more and checking out her other series. With that being said, Night’s Darkest Embrace works as a standalone title and is a great introduction for any other non-Frost reader. How did I miss the Frost boat? No idea, but I will be on the train from here on out. Edible Quotes:From Mara: I tipped my mug at the man as he slid into Billy’s seat, admiring Rafael out of the corner of my eye. He moved with a beautiful, controlled fluidity, each gesture full of grace and purpose. His long jacket was open, revealing the trademark black leather vest studded with thin knives over a dark blue shirt. Only Rafael could make post-apocalyptic fashion look sexy. (Page 13) From Rafael: “Mara.” His voice was no louder than a sigh, but it raised goose bumps across my skin with its intensity. “Come to me.” (Page 28)