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Through to You - Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Publisher for Honest ReviewReviewer: MeThrough to You is a tale of love, grief, and sacrifice. The unrelenting pain a person goes though when a loved one is suddenly ripped from their life. At first glance, Through to You is a love story, but at its core is a heart-pounding mystery that spans two universes. An extremely dark tale of what may happen if a person is given a second chance at love. Camden Pike, our main character, is struggling with the loss of his football career, a father who left him, a mother who is barely around, and his true love Viv who died in an accident he believes is his fault. But all that seems to change when he meets Nina, a girl from a parallel world who claims to know him. Try as he might, and despite Nina’s pleas, Camden cannot stay away from this other world, and the life he feels should have been his. And things really begin to look up when he discovers the Viv in this universe is alive and misses him as desperately as he misses her. Unfortunately for Camden, as he soon discovers, the grass is not always greener on the other side, or in this case…the other world. I thoroughly enjoyed Through to You. Although, the first ten or so chapters were a lot to take in as a reader, I was surprised by the mystery and intrigued by all the characters. Camden was in a tremendous amount of pain, and that pain was hard to read at times. If you have ever lost someone it shouldn't be hard to relate to his suffering. However, if you can take a step back from that and get to the meat of the story which is a fantastic mystery, I guarantee you’ll be surprised by how much fun is wrapped up in the novel. Overall, I recommend Through to You to readers who love a good mystery with a splash of romance. There is quite a bit of adult language used throughout the story so parents should definitely read this one first before lending to their teenagers. I also recommend it to anyone dealing with grief and loss because it does teach a valuable lesson about forgiving one’s self, letting go of the past, and moving on to a brighter future.