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The Warrior (Return of the Highlanders Series #3)

The Warrior - Margaret Mallory Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: ARC From PublisherReviewer: HeatherThe Warrior (The Return of the Highlanders Series) is a historically set romance that brings us back to 16th Century Scotland in the middle of a never ending clan war that has taken many lives. In this time feuds are easily started as the stars may shine, and love in never to be taken for granted. Yet the same cannot be said for Duncan and Moira, and the Warrior is as much as their tale as it is his own. Step back in time with the wee lasses and head strong men of the Scottish past; be swept away by the longing of pipers, and a good scotch. Adventure, romance, and a lot sexy brogue are all tied into one heartfelt read. I love, and I mean love all things Scottish. Being of Scottish heritage it is expected of me, but deep down in my heart I long to visit the shores, breathe the highland air, and just maybe visit one of those castles. If I weren’t a married woman I also wouldn’t mind getting swept off my feet by a handsome Scotsman. Yet as I browsed the “pages” of The Warrior I found myself being fulfilled as the pictures of faraway lands filled my mind. The visualization was superb, and it was like I was actually standing there in 16th Century Scotland. At times I could almost smell the peat upon the fires. The characters were written so well that I was astonished. At times you feel as if you ARE Duncan, and when you are not him, it is like you are in Moria’s shoes. It was an unbelievable experience to have as a reader, and one I sure hope to have again. The sexual tension between Moria and Duncan was also realistic. Even the fears both had were completely relatable to modern day lives, and the struggles we have when we love. In some ways it is inspiring to remember that even when we’ve had a rough go at love that we should never give up. I am no stranger to Margaret Mallory, and I will continue to read each and every book she writes. Each one keeps getting better and better.