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Crewel - Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Purchased/AudiobookReviewer:MeCrewel is unique, strange, and a lyrical masterpiece. I plummeted head-over-feet in love with the novel the moment the audio began. I always find it surreal when a novel can magically transport you to another world, while leaving you breathlessly wanting, craving, and begging for more. Crewel by far is one of the most creative visionary experiences I’ve had this year and I am looking forward – with Epically bated breath – for the remainder of the novels in the series. Crewel is a magnificent fantasy, for those of you who are able to suspend disbelief and thrust yourself deep within its pages. Our story is centered around sixteen year-old Adelice Lewys, a young girl who has been hiding a very special gift. All her life Adelice has been avoiding her destiny as a Spinster, a girl who can weave time with matter. She suppressed her gifts in order to stay with her family, to keep her life happy and normal. However, in an extremely twisted turn of events – which inevitably ends in bloodshed, Adelice is discovered, yanked from her home, and forced into the Spinster life. But, is being a Spinster really so bad? Elegant parties, fancy clothes, exotic foods. For Adelice, it’s a drastic change, a change which part of her surprisingly enjoys. Although our main character is falling under the Spinster spell, she is still able to fight most of her desires and remain the same spitfire, sarcastic, nonconforming girl throughout most of the story. I loved Adelice! It was so easy to follow her thought process and when she was angry, I was angry. And when she was sad…well, I was still angry. LOL. She is the perfect combination of strong-willed and vulnerable. As each new piece of the Spinster puzzle is revealed, Adelice is tested, so much so it’s hard to believe she will survive. And when you finally make it to the last page, you will probably be pulling your hair out, angry, terrified, and most of all excited to see where her story will go next. Overall, Crewel is a smash hit! The audiobook is fantastic and well worth your 1 credit at audible. I highly recommend this heart-pounding/heartbreaking read to teens and adults alike, those who enjoy fantasies, and those who crave strong female characters who don’t always have it easy. It’s an endearing tale I guarantee with stay with you long after the story is over.