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Shallow (Going Under, #2)

Shallow (Going Under, #2) - Georgia Cates Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 3 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: Aimee JoThe second book in Georgia Cates’ Going Under series, Shallow, was a nice, simple read. What it lacked in depth, it made up for in mysterious circumstances between Payton’s family and Nick’s. I enjoyed Payton as a character. She’s smart, witty and has a sharp tongue and she’s not afraid to use it. Nick, on the other hand, was your average player who meets his match. The highlight of the story for me was the storyline of Nick’s mysterious mother. I enjoyed this slowly coming undone until we finally figure out what the whole picture is. The anticipation built and I had hopes that it didn’t go the way I thought it might (it didn’t). Moreover, I was glad to be proven wrong on my theories for the plot. While the romance didn’t inspire too much, the mysterious plot was enough to keep my reading until the very end. While the story is very simple, breezy read, it still was an entertaining read. Plenty of conflict throughout the story, haunting pasts, Shallow does make for a good afternoon read.