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Forbidden (World of Nightwalkers Series #1)

Forbidden - Jacquelyn Frank Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: NetGalleyReviewer: HeatherForbidden is a deep rooted love story that delves into the paranormal world of Nightwalkers. In this beginning tale we learn of the Bodywalkers. If you have a love of Egyptian history and mythology than you will already love this book as the very essence of what these beings are founded within it. Bodywalkers are essentially those who were mummified and prepared for the afterlife. What the Templar’s did not know was that this very deed would anger Ra, as humans, even Pharohs were not equals. So Ra cursed them into living forever, but never being allowed in his presence again: the sun. When a Bodywalker dies they must spend 100 years (or more if they choose) in the Ether. This is more akin to a state of limbo. From here they choose to be reborn into the world by choosing a human on the brink of death. They blend their souls, and two eventually become one, but the human life becomes stronger and powerful. This is what happens to Docia. One day she was walking to work, chatting with her over-protective, cop brother, and the next thing she remembered she was being pushed from a bridge. Docia plummeted to an icy, battering death, but in those last moments of life, a voice reached out to her. She was offered a second chance. Quickly she finds herself turned upside down, and thrown into the curious world of the Bodywalkers. They tell her left and right that she is oh so powerful and that she will be queen once the “Blending” has finalized. BUT… She comes to find that those who were sent to protect her, the woman also inside of her, and her future love are right out of the history books! Ram her bodyguard, and the man she feels so strongly for is Ramses the II. Cleo the beautiful, joyous, young woman who treats her so kindly is the famed Cleopatra! The beloved mate, the man she is destined to spend eternity with? Menes! Docia must quickly learn not only what she has become, but of the ways of the Bodywalkers. To top it all off she is thrust down in a civil war between the Templar’s and the Bodywalkers. Each accusing the other for their curse, each sneering and trying to usurp the other. In the end it will be up to Docia and Ram to bring both sides together, to end the war once and for all. But will Menes listen when he finds his soul mate and his best friend have fallen in love? Listen up! There is so much to this story that I can hardly do it justice. You have so many intertwined conflicts shoved into one book, but it all comes together perfectly. Characters were written flawlessly, and the raw emotions came out clear as day. Overall this was a pretty darn good book, and the start to a new series that I will continue to follow. The downside? My life wasn’t disrupted completely. I was able to continuously put it down. For me this was caused by too much scene description. While there was plenty of action, romance, and suspense, I just found myself skimming a lot of the descriptive parts of the scene. But I am fully aware that a lot of readers like that part of books. Personally I am a minimalist, and it doesn’t help that I grew up not far from the books setting. Overall I give a solid 4.5 (can I do 4.75?), and I will definitely put the authors new works as well as any previous, on my to-read list!