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Sweet Savage Blood, Part I: Reunion

Sweet Savage Blood (Sweet Savage Blood #1-3) - Carolina Courtland Originally Reviewed At:The Indie Spotlight at Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Author for Honest ReviewReviewer: JenniferIn the fall of 1850, Caden Hanover met the love of his life, a young woman by the name of Dominique. The two married and lived a life together until her death sometime later. Two hundred years later, he sees her crossing the street at a stop light. After following her home, he enrolls in her high school in order to get closer. His plans become complicated when he discovers her best friend Madison is a slayer, a vampire slayer. This story started out great and progressively got better with every turn of the page. Sweet Savage Blood tells of an immense love that lasted the span of two hundred years, but it is also the story of a forbidden romance between a vampire and a vampire slayer. A vampire slayer who happens to be the best vampire slayer the vampire world has ever seen. The novel keeps you captive and thoroughly engaged with a great plot and interesting characters. Once I started, I could not tear my eyes from the pages and was heartbroken when it was over. Yes, it will leave you longing for more. If you enjoy sultrily tales from multiple points of view, check out Sweet Savage Blood by Carolina Courtland for your next vampire fix.