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The Darkest Day - Britt Bury Originally Reviewed At:Mpother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Author for Honest ReviewJoint Review By: Heather and AimeeKayHeather’s Thoughts on The Darkest Day: The Darkest Day is best described as a captivating, sultry, sexy, page-turning read. It spans the genres of adult romance, urban fantasy, dystopian, and paranormal, which is not an easy task. Yet this author does it right, no, perfectly. Ok enough of my schmooze for now!Our two main characters are Kelvin and Izel; one is a pookah, the other a Fionn, and both are sworn enemies from a feud that has been brewing for over a thousand years. They both live in a society that has the human race extinct, and residing on Earth are the many races of immortal beings. When immortals fight their battles, they can last forever, spanning millennia before they are finally laid to rest.But what happens when Izel, though born to the Fionn clan and is their Warchief, finds out she is 100 percent human with a startling prophecy that begs her to turn her back and heart on the man, her captor sent to kill her, she has grown to love.Kelvin is a razorback pookah who has spent a lifetime of bathing in the blood of the Fionn clan. He is even responsible for killing Izel’s father on the battlefield, and it was then, 1,000 years ago that Kel vowed to kill every last Fionn male.Fate had other plans when she threw these two unlikely, though not unsuspecting to some, pair together to trek across the Scottish countryside. Ok that is all I’m giving folks, and I’ve left out an enormous part of the plot. There is only so much I can tell, and I hate spoiling books (and the like) for others.This one will make my top 10 to read, so hands down I recommend it to those 18 and older who enjoy hot, sexy romance with a fantasy/paranormal twist. The world building was done quite well, and I loved the glossary in the back that went over every aspect of the world with a fine tooth comb. In my opinion, I love when an author goes the extra mile, especially if it helps to clear up questions, but you couldn’t fit it all into the story.The pacing was perfect. I dove right into this story, stopping only to tell a friend she needed to read it now. It interrupted my life, and it was a much needed one at that! Every time I tried to put it down, I found myself giddy, needing to know what would happen next, asking myself if … and when it ended; I smiled, but secretly wanted more.I laughed, I got angry, I smiled (a lot), and of course I cried when reading The Darkest Day. I felt, in my core, the excitement, the worry, the suspense, and the lusty romance was just icing on the cake. There are few books that can draw me into the pages, making me a bystander, feel just like the characters do. This is one of those rare treasures, and I hope you will enjoy it too. AimeeKay’s Thoughts on The Darkest Day:Paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres. This doesn’t mean I love every PNR I read. Some are just downright dull or annoying. However The Darkest Day by Britt Bury was neither of these. LOVED IT! I really got attached to the characters and I actually enjoyed most of the supporting characters as well. Bury did an awesome job bringing the characters to life and giving them depth and personality. I also love the world she built. There is just soooo much possibility in it. No humans are left, but immortality doesn’t mean that you can’t be killed. And all the different supernatural species running around, they all interacted with each other in one way or another. Plus, Earth isn’t the only realm, Heaven and Hell get involved with Earth as well and then there is the ominous Cypher. I really hope there are more books in the series if just to explore all the possibilities. Seriously I got lost in the book from the first page and didn’t want to come back. Fortunately the ending while satisfying, is obviously a lead in to another book. (I guess the whole Immortal Heat Series on the cover kinda gives that away too)But really I can’t wait for the next book. I hope it’s about Ian, but at the same time I hope to find out more about Ramsey and even Andrew. (Certain lines in the story make me think he has a little more to him than just an uppity battle chief!)Definitely a great book to pick up! Even though it is part of a series it is still good as a standalone novel. I’m giving it 5 out of 5 controllers! Awesome book, can’t wait to hear about when the next one comes out it’s definitely going on my wish list!