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Boneyards - Kristine Kathryn Rusch Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Publisher for honest reviewReviewer: HeatherBefore I dive deeply into Boneyards I want to disclose that I’m not the biggest fan of science fiction. This only pertains to reading it as a genre, though; I enjoy the “idea” of it. Some of this stems from the overly technical jargon that often graces the pages. Occasionally it can cause the story to become lost to those not on the up and up, or for slower readers. However for those who live and breathe science fiction, these books were made for you. Boneyards brings us very far into the future, but how far is uncertain. We meet are main players, Boss, Squishy, and Coop early on. The conflicts each have are also present, but you won’t get a grasp, nor real suspense till you are half way through. From here on out I finally felt the rush as each mission played itself out. Even when the story ended, I found myself wanting it to continue. Am I now a converted sci-fi genre lover? Well I wouldn’t go that far, but perhaps I will allow myself to be more open in the future. The writing itself is what I would expect from an author of this caliber. I also enjoyed that there wasn’t an overuse of jargon. Whether the words are standard to the sci-fi industry, or the author invented the terminology for her technology, I don’t know. Anaconda drive, stealth-tech, force fields, and the like are all terms used on a regular basis, and were explained well for those like me. As you can see I am forgoing my usual long synopses that are typically present in my reviews. There is a good reason too, and for starters, well the one on the back cover is quite superb. This is a space opera, it has a lot of intricate details, crossing plot lines that span years. This is what feels like a saga, a story that has yet to end, and perhaps will span multiple books. My recommendation is to give it a go, and this is especially true for the science fiction lovers, or for those who enjoy futuristic suspense. For those who adore Star Wars and Star Trek (the books), I have a feeling you will enjoy this story too. If there is ever a continuation, I will be sure to give it a try. We shall deem it my quest to find readable sci-fi, for the non-tech inclined.