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Don't Call Me Angel - Alicia Wright Brewster Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 3 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: TourReviewer: AimeeKayLet me start by saying I liked the story. The idea of Satan having a wife and her trying to escape hell was very intriguing. In particular seeing where the author planned on taking Six and her fellow escapee Alden. I enjoyed the writing. Brewster’s descriptions of Hell and of Earth, Six flying, the people that she encounters, they all really helped me see the story as it played out. I also liked the main character and seeing how Six became acquainted with life on earth and how she interacted with people in general. However (yes there is the dreaded but), I think the story itself would be better served as a full length novel instead of a novella. In my opinion, the other characters such as Cara and Satan really didn’t get to be as fleshed out as they could have been, and this is the case especially Alden. We get the basic idea of his mannerisms, but he just seems to fall a little flat otherwise. Also, while the book itself is descriptive and I feel I understand why the characters have done what they’ve done, it just feels as if there could be more. I know there is supposed to be another book, in fact, this one ends on a cliffie, so I’m assuming that more of the world will get described and the questions I have will eventually be answered in the next novel or novella. But it just felt as if the story was squeezed into the confines of a novella and I think Don’t Call Me Angel would have been better justified if it was longer. Also the story had one major part that bothered me. People just see angels flying all over the place and don’t really seem to react…Yes they point and stare, but you don’t have any of the other characters mentioning that it’s all over the news or anything. And it’s Atlanta so I’m assuming someone has a cell phone and has snapped some pictures or something, or at least reported it. Again, maybe this is something that will be explained in the next book, but it seems rather major and I don’t understand why it wouldn’t have been dealt with in the course of this story. Overall I’m giving Don’t Call Me Angel 3 out of 5 controllers. I think the story itself deserves to be a full length novel, not just a novella, particularly since it’s being continued into another book anyway. I also had questions about why Six and Alden just seemed to go unnoticed, or at least unreported, when they get to earth. But despite the issues I had with the book, I would read the sequel, since I would want to see what finally happens to Six.