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Transformers: Autocracy (Transformers (Idw))

Transformers: Autocracy (Transformers (Idw)) - Chris Metzen, Flint Dille, Livio Ramondelli Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: NetGalleyReviewer: MeTransformers: Autocracy is the origin story of Orion Pax, or as he is better known, Optimus Prime. In the first six issues which were available on NetGalley for review, we learn of Prime’s history as a leader of a counter-terror strike team who were tasked with several mission in order to thwart dissident Decpticons. With each mission, Orion Pax discovers new information on the true agenda of the Autobot leader, Zeta Prime and the Autocracy. In the end, it is Orion Pax who has to decide which faction, Autocracy or Dissident, is truly worth fighting for. I really enjoyed Transformers: Autocracy. For anyone who follows the Transformers lore, you already know it a vast universe that spans decades through cartoons, movies, video games, and action figures. One of the most fascinating parts of the universe is learning about Cybertron, the wars the Transformers had to endure, and of course how our characters became the totally awesome robots in disguise they are today. Who was Optimus before he was a Prime? Were he and Megatron once Allies fighting for the same cause? All this and more will be revealed in Autocracy. And yes my friends, it’s a turbulent adventure no true Transformers fan will want to miss! Some of our favorite Transformers make an appearance throughout the story, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Prowl, Ratbat, Starscream are just few. I was definitely feeling nostalgic from seeing their faces inked onto the pages and hearing Ironhide’s sarcastic comments. From time to time I could feel myself screaming, “I had that action figure. Oh and that one too!” Transformers: Autocracy is very reminiscent of the original Transformers from 80’s, from the tone in their voices to the intricately way they were drawn. I loved, loved, LOVED every minute of it! Overall, if you are a fan of the esteemed series then Transformers: Autocracy is definitely for you. Generations old and young will love the action, destruction, and mayhem in this comic. For those of you who missed the Transformers boat don’t worry. Autocracy is easy to follow and gives you just enough information so don’t feel overwhelmed by the limitless universe.