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The Witch Avenue Series: Lonely Souls: Witch Avenue Series #1

Lonely Souls - Karice Bolton Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 Controllers Review Source: Author via Blog TourReviewer: HeatherLonely Souls is a new series that is written by a much loved author, Karice Bolton. Her tone of writing has quickly become a personal favorite as she creates these wonderfully imagined urban fantasies for her readers to lose themselves in. Please join me as I dive into Lonely Souls, the beginning of what I expect to be unlike any other.Tris is a young woman about to embark on a new adventure; she is of age to become a full member of the local coven of witches. Right before the lavish event can take place, Tris’ mother disappears without a trace. While the police haven’t closed the case, a shocked Tris must watch as the coven declares her dead. But she knows deep in heart and soul that she is still alive. Slowly clues start to arise, and with the help of a deliciously handsome old childhood friend, they begin to form a much larger picture. One that leads to her mother being kidnapped. But they won’t stop there, no, they want Tris too.Between grieving for the loss of her mother, and trying to find out why, Tris may discover more than her heart can handle. While she builds walls to protect her fragile heart, Logan desperately attempts to win her over. If he fails she may become a lonely soul, forced to wander for eternity alone. It’s not a big secret that I quickly became a fan of Karice Bolton when I first got to read her Watchers Trilogy. Yet this series is taking on a different paranormal angle. When any author does this, it can leave a lot of room for speculation. This is especially true when you make a jump from fallen angels to witchcraft. But in my humble opinion, she hit the nail on the head with this excellent beginning to a series that I will be sure to follow.