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Linked - Lisa Alden Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Author for Honest ReviewReviewer: Heather Linked is not your everyday story, but Andra is your everyday girl. She finds herself stuck with her Uncle Ryan on her birthday as her parents take off on a last minute vacation. With her Uncle Ryan in tow they head off to her favorite restaurant, but from here everything starts to change when she receives a present from him: a beautiful bracelet and charm. However, when the bracelet brakes and the restaurant owner just happened to have a replacement, Andra finds herself in a magical plain of existence: The Seven. Car chases, shoot outs, magic shooting every which way, and a beautiful horse that looks just like her charm…but there are consequences to the, The Seven. She can’t take the bracelet off or she will be forever stuck, nor can she die, or else she will be stuck forever. When Andra returns to her own time with this new knowledge she is frightened. That is until she watches the news, and sees the family of a missing girl she saw in The Seven. Will Andre get lost forever? Does she save the missing little girl? You’ll have to read this captivating tale to find out all the juicy bits! This was a well written story that most of us can relate to. Here is a young girl who is faced between saving herself, and risking her life to help a perfect stranger find her way home. The story was quite lovely with twists and turns in the plot that you never saw coming, but I fear giving too much away. I highly recommend this story for young girls, boys, teens and even young adults. While the character’s age is quite young, it is this alternate world that is equally as captivating as Andra herself. The author did quite an amazing job, and I would go as far to recommend her work as well as purchase it for my children in the future.