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Moonglow: Number 2 in series (Darkest London)

Moonglow  - Kristen Callihan Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 Smoking Hot ControllersReview Source: NetGalleyReviewer: HeatherMoonglow is another exciting story from Kristen Callaghan where we get to not only take a step back in time, but visit a world where anything is possible. This is the third book of hers that I have had the pleasure to read, and review, so I was pretty excited when I picked this one up. I had a feeling down in the pit of my stomach that it would hold up to what I’ve come to expect from this talented writer. Now before I get more into the story, I’d like to remind readers that she has two other stories that could be read prior to Moonglow. It’s not necessary, but I do recommend you eventually read them too. They are Ember and Firelight. The reason I’m mentioning them is because the main character in those books (Miranda) is Daisy’s baby sister, not to mention that her husband is Daisy’s love interests’ former best friend. So while the stories slightly intertwine, and are sure to entertain, you can read Moonglow on its own, but there are parts that will surely spoil the end for the first two books. Enough about that let us get on with it, shall we? Moonglow brings us into the 1800′s and is set in historic London. Daisy has just surpassed her one year, socially required period of mourning. She doesn’t miss her husband, nor did she ever love him, but society already turns her nose down on her for she was well known for her wild ways prior to her all but arranged marriage to the cruel man. Daisy is finally free to do as she pleases, and she has nothing in her mind but to please herself. That is until she is out and about the town with her unnamed companion, and a vicious wolf-like creature attacks. While Daisy is unharmed, her companion was brutally ripped apart. She finds herself in the care of Ian who interests her, but she is quite unsure of his motives. After all he had once been infatuated with her sister Miranda, and many other red headed women of the night. Yet she can’t help feeling alive and breathless, nor can she help how his touch makes her insides ache with a feeling of passion that she was never allowed to feel under the control of her former husband. As the attacks continue on, it quickly becomes clear that there are forces at work normal humans would never understand. Alliances of unlikely sources must be made to find the creature responsible before the secret world of the Lycan becomes known to the good, kind people of London. But it may take more sacrifice of life and love than either Daisy or Ian/Northrup is prepared for. Can they stop the beast before it is too late? Does Ian accept Daisy as she is? Can Daisy accept the beast, the wolf that resides at Ian’s core? Tsk tsk Something magical happens when you mix historical settings, paranormal, and erotic romance together. When Kristen Callaghan writes it, it becomes a masterpiece for the senses as you lose yourself into the dark streets of London. She pulls you in as if you were a spectral being by the main characters’ side, or in other words it’s as if you are seeing right through their eyes as the scenes unfold. You will close off the world, refuse to put your book down, and even forgo sleep just to finish it. Anything this good deserves more than five controllers, and as always I will continue to seek out stories from this wonderfully gifted writer. I sure do hope to continue until she finishes off this Darkest London series, and I implore you to do the very same if you love well written paranormal adult romances that are set historically. Please read this wonderful tale of the Lycan, the werewolf, and of the magical creatures that reside in this dashing tale of a werewolf in London.