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Incarnate - Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Purchase from AudibleReviewer: MeAbsolutely beautiful… poetic, fascinating and refreshing, the world of Incarnate is breathtaking…In a world where everyone is constantly reborn, there are virtually no secrets because everyone knows one another. Envision never having to truly suffer loss or grief because you can expect to see your friends or family in their next life. Now, imagine being born a blank slate. Not reincarnated. No old soul. No familiar soul. You are alone, you are hated, and most of all you are unloved because you replaced someone else. This is the world and reality of Ana in Incarnate. I absolutely adored Incarnate. Maybe it’s because I am still on my cloud 9 high from Shadow and Bone, or maybe because it was an audiobook read by the hypnotic voice of Katherine Taub, either way this was another excellent novel with a refreshingly unique premise and incredible world. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Ana’s new soul and what that meant for her in a world where everyone else had lived many, many lives, with one soul, and so much more experience than she could ever imagine having in just one short life. From the beginning you get to experience Ana’s anguish. She was never truly loved or even wanted. Her mother, whom I wanted to smack on several occasions, was nothing short of the ‘B’ word, and treated her daughter like she was below every other life form. She in a sense treated her like cattle. Ana’s story was truly heartbreaking, and stirred a lot of emotions within me, and I’m sure it may do the same for some of you. Thank goodness though she met Sam. Despite the age difference and experience levels, the two were great together. Whether they (Sam) were denying their feelings, or making beautiful music, their story is one that will stick with me for a long time. Overall, if you crave some emotional depth to your stories, a descriptive world, and characters you can root for, I HIGHLY recommend Incarnate. I also suggest going the audiobook route because the narrator’s voice will put you in a deep trance transporting you to Range, a place you will never want to leave.