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My Merlin Awakening (Book 2, My Merlin Series)

My Merlin Awakening - Priya Ardis Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating:5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Bewitching Book ToursReviewer:HeatherIf you have yet to read the first book, My Boyfriend Merlin, then please drop everything, and go read it right now. There may be slight spoilers if you continue to read below as some of the first book will bleed into this review, and there is nothing I hate more than spoiling a good, no scratch that, great read for others. Please consider yourself warned.My Merlin Awakening picks up shortly after where My Boyfriend Merlin left off. Ryan has pulled the sword, but in order to protect the candidate he loves, Merlin takes the credit. Of course he also attempts to expose magic to the world, but he is thwarted in this attempt. Merlin also chooses, albeit a difficult choice, to let Ryan go in order to keep his visions, and attempt to save the world from its judgment day.Vane, the brother of Merlin, endlessly attempts to win Ryan, but even as her boyfriend he can’t seem to break through her heart. No, that heart refuses to make a choice. She has feelings for both brothers, but the only thing they seem to have in common is trying to control and protect her.Can Ryan make a choice between the one she wants to save, and the one she truly loves? Does her choice affect more than just her? Will she ever come to terms with being the chosen one before it’s too late?Author Priya Ardis delivers once again with a page turning, life interrupting, teasing story line. I am already longing for the next story, though I am saddened to know the next will be the last. This author has a distinct knack for weaving in legend with the modern twist. If you had the chance to read My Boyfriend Merlin, then My Merlin Awakening will not disappoint you one single iota!I wish I could just blurt it all out, but then you wouldn’t have a reason to read it for yourself. This is an author that shouldn’t be overlooked, and although she is a YA writer, adults will love, no, cherish the stories she shares. I look forward to the final story, but I hope Ms. Ardis continues to grace us with her writing for years to come.