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Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry Series #3)

Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: PurchasedReviewer:JenniferChain Reaction is the third installment to the Perfect Chemistry Series. This book stars the third and youngest Fuentes brother Luis. Luis, the risk taker with dreams of becoming an astronaut, was able to avoid gang lifestyle. Unfortunately when he and his mother move back to Chicago his luck runs out. Shortly after arriving he befriends a known gang member and is sucked into the life that his older brother Alex worked to shield him from. Things turn worse when he discovers a dark family secret that threatens to completely destroy his plans for the future. His love life become just as complicated when he meets north sider Nikki Cruz.Nikki’s parents may have been born in Mexico, but that is the extent of her knowledge of the country. Add that to the fact that she is the daughter of a doctor, she has much more in common with other north siders than the Latino Bloods she attends school with. But that doesn’t stop her from dating one. Sadly this relationship does not end well which results in her believing boys can’t be trusted, especially those involved in the LB. But when she meets Luis, her beliefs are completely shattered and she finds herself more involved in the Latino Bloods then she could ever imagine.I have heard a lot of mixed reviews of this installment. My feelings for the first two books aside, I LOVED IT! This book was great for a lot of different reasons. First reason: the characters. While my heart will forever lie with Carlos, Luis is still fantastic. Though he’s the youngest of the three brothers, he is a bigger risk taker then the other two. While its cute the majority of the time, it become annoying when he uses it to get involved with the gang. Nikki is also an interesting character. She is perfect for this storyline, but when her trust issues get in the way of her relationship with Luis, who is obviously a great guy, I found myself more annoyed with her than any other character I have ever read. But in the end, she always seems to have some redeeming quality that will get you back on her side. Second reason I love this book, characters from the last two books are part of the story without completely taking over the story. One of my favorite things about Simone is that she always lets you know about former characters. While most authors finish a book and you never hear about the characters again, Simone always lets you know about the people in the last story.Overall, this is a fantastic series and by far my favorite. It’s a great love story in the modern gang world. I highly recommend it to both teens and adults.