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Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans Series #1)

Royal Street - Suzanne  Johnson Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: NetGalleyReviewer: HeatherRoyal Street is part paranormal and part alternate reality. This is a world where magic is real, those with fame can live forever, and every supernatural being you could dream of lives in the Beyond – or on Earth. Fascinating sexy pirates, deadly vampires, and even famous jazz musicians all grace this thrilling, mysterious, funny read and of course our main star, DJ the little wizard.It starts mere days before New Orleans fell to Hurricane Katrina. DJ is a young Green Wizard who is forced to leave her post before the onslaught of the hurricane hits. She leaves behind her home, the mentor whom she loves as a father, and is forced to evacuate on the orders of the Wizard Congress. She complies though she voices her opinion with Jerry; after all she just dispatched an ancient pirate who tried to seduce her into making a bargain. She hadn’t been gone long, and she watched in horror as the city she loved fell when the levees broke. If anything could have been worse, she wouldn’t expect it to be Jerry. Her mentor had gone missing, and upon the Wizard Congresses orders, DJ would have to return and find him quickly before the breaches between Earth and the Beyond allowed more supernatural’s to waltz on in.DJ would have to do the impossible, but not alone, no, the Congress sent in an enforcer, a delectable enforcer as both her partner and protector. Alex has many of his own secrets, his own talents, and one is to infuriate DJ. But when his cousin comes into the picture jealousy rears-up when DJ shows interest.Oh but this is so much more than a love story, or a triangle, and no I won’t give a single thing away beyond this point! You’ll have to nab yourself a copy and get your read on!I really loved this story, and I sure hope the author will be writing more. There weren’t any real loose ends, but I could see it continuing here and there. This story was very well written and filled with facts, lots of paranormal, fantasy creatures and ideals, and it all worked well together. I even enjoyed the humorous bits that were nicely splayed into the story. A lot of times they seem awkward, but no these really meshed nicely.Character, world, and plot creation was superb. I actually got sad when I watched the book come to an end. I’ll say it again, I want more of DJ, Alex, Jake and oh even Jean, loved him – and hated him at times too! So, please, please, please keep writing more!