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The Zombie Story (The Chronicles of Orlando, #1) - M.M. Shelley Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Bewitching Book ToursReviewer: HeatherImagine living in a world of magic where some individuals posses it and some don’t. Some of these people even have the ability to wield more than others. Now imagine zombies who are being created on purpose, though I won’t just the reason away, and a young man named Orlando is tasked at killing them. It almost appears to be a game of sorts, and in some areas it is. Underground rings are even dedicated to fighting zombies where you can take a round in the ring. But what happens when the zombies are out in the world and not under the control of their masters?Does Orlando and his friends stand a chance against their creator? Will they be turned as well? Who is really responsible for creating the zombies that now threaten mankind as well as those who posses magic?This was an interesting read, and I wasn’t 100% sure how I would feel about it. It has all the parts a good story should, complete with twists you won’t see coming. The characters themselves are very solid too. The plot is well written with an exciting climax of events, and the use of magic is a nice touch. I think this story would be very entertaining to young adults ages 12 and up who enjoy urban fantasy or zombie stories.I’ll be honest, this was my very first zombie story, though I love to watch zombie movies and television shows. Most of these just show an end-of-the-world scenario, so this was a refreshing take on zombies that I enjoyed immensely.