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Ember (Ember #1) - Madison Daniel Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Bewitching Book ToursReviewer: JenniferMax Valentine is ready to start a new life. After the death of his father, Max moves to Maui to live with his Uncle in a desperate attempt to start his life over. Max’s problems stream from a well kept secret, he has the gift of fire. A gift that has led to the death of a loved one, a tragedy he has yet to deal with. His move seems like the right decision until he met Asia. Asia is a beautiful local girl that can calm Max simply with her beauty, but she also has so much anger herself that she can’t allow him in. On the other hand, there is Sam. A smart, artistic girl who appears to be Max’s soul mate. Something he cannot handle. Max’s relationship with both girls, his relationship with his Uncle, and his temper send him on an emotional roller coaster that would change his life forever. Ember is one of the rare stories I read narrated by a male. I usually avoid stories where the main character is male because I can rarely relate to them. But Max was a different type of character. He’s charming and intriguing, filled with depth, turmoil, and all those qualities that make you just want to rub his back and tell him everything will be okay. He is faced with a lot of the problems you might find in a book narrated by a female, including a love triangle. Max is stuck choosing between two girls that both have issues of their own to sort through. This part did annoy me a little. He is constantly going back and forth between the two girls throughout the novel. It’s a little jarring coming from a male, and I wasn’t expecting it. However it doesn’t overshadow the story or make it so you can’t read and enjoy the book. I also enjoyed Max’s ability. He has a gift that causes problems in his life. Nevertheless he has learned to control it and even use it for healing, which adds to the dynamic of the novel. I must also point out how each chapter is associated with a certain song. This works beautifully as it sets the tone and mood for what you are about to read and often times controls the intensity of each chapter. It was a risky move but it worked. And it’s something I would like to see used again. Madison Daniel did a great job writing a whirlwind story. It’s a great read that I highly recommend to both teens and adults. I would definitely – and will definitely – read this book again.