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Frost Moon - Originally Reviewed by Jennifer at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: DNFReview Source: NetGalleyFrost Moon is a complicated book to follow. The idea behind the story is interesting, but the story itself is not well communicated. Frost Moon actually takes place in a particular year but makes no references to past actions and events. This left me utterly confused as to when the actual story took place. Dakota, the protagonist, is also disconcerting. I enjoyed her personality, but trying to decipher her thoughts and sarcasm from her actual dialogue and interaction with others, is a very tasking job. At times, her attitude does become more irritating than interesting, especially when she is using it to hide her fear. I did like the idea of the tattoos coming to life and moving, but tying that into the story and following the plot became too much to handle. I was so confused and disappointed with this story, that finishing Frost Moon just wasn’t an option.