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Immortalis Carpe Noctem - Katie Salidas Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating:3.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: From Author for Blog TourReviewed by: JenniferImmortalis Carpe Noctorem was a delightful read. The simple yet fascinating story takes readers back to a time when vampires didn’t have silly powers, and the only worry they encountered was who would be their next meal and when. In a sense it’s a “classic” vampire tale set in a modern era. It was wonderfully refreshing to read about an ordinary young woman whose life gets turned upside down by a man and condition that changed her life.The main character, 25 year old Alyssa, is having the worst day ever. She got fired from her job, she was ditched by her friend, and on top of that she was attacked and nearly raped while walking home. On the plus side though, she is saved by a sexy ancient vampire named Lysander. When he reaches her, she is on the brink of death and has no choice but to turn her into a vampire. Fast forward to the next day and Alyssa’s life begins to tumble downhill all over again. Our young heroine is forced to face the grim reality of becoming a vampire and exactly what that requires. Killing to survive.The book goes on to detail her experiences as a fledging vampire, and her quiet and brooding sire who want to keep the secrets of his ancient life exactly that, a secret. Alyssa was an excellent heroine. Her adjustment to becoming a vampire and killing portrayed a more realistic idea of how hard it might be for a person to actually live as a vampire. It was not all fun and games and killing was never easy. But as one could expect, our MC did what she had to do in order to survive.Katie Salidas did a phenomenal job of reminding me exactly what vampires are supposed to be: Killers, but not monsters. The writing was a little weak at some points, however it didn’t stop me from being engrossed in the story. If you’re looking for a novel that details the life of a classic vampire and contains a rather interesting plot, Immortalis Carpe Noctorem should be your fist choice. I recommend this book to everyone looking to get a quick vampire fix and to those who’ve had enough of freakishly powerful vamps with unrealistic lives (well if vampires were real and had lives).