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Synthetic Dreams - Kim Knox Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: NetGalleyReviewer: HeatherSynthetic Dreams was really a whole new genre for me. I’ve never really read science fiction type stories. In this book the author takes us to a futuristic England where residents basically lead a life in the cold world, and one within The Mind. Both worlds are ruled by the Corporation which instills rules, laws as well as unfair boundaries on its citizens.The cold world would be much like life today, but with an extensive web of rules and regulations. There are even different classes of people, the lowest being called Skanks. They are forced to live in S-District where only the bare amenities are given. Think of a life without soap, hot water, or even coffee, and to have only the barest of comforts available. This is essentially a slum.Vyn is considered to be a “Skank”, however, this is due to the fact that she was selling glamours. You see, inside The Mind, upgrades are available that can enhance the way one looks, but a lot of these are obtained illegally. When she is caught selling her glamours she is forced out of her upper class life, and made a “Skank”.This of course isn’t the whole story, but just a general idea to how the story itself begins. While I don’t want to give too much away, I’ll admit I was a bit confused in the beginning. Footnotes would have helped tremendously, but I’m uncertain if they would be available in the e-book I was given to review. It’s a really awesome story, but that might hinder a few readers.Back on point, Vyn is a very different type of Skank. She is highly dangerous (although she doesn’t quite know it yet) and highly sought after for her illegal glamours, but she has also developed the mythical Simulacrum which allows her to enter The Mind and portray anyone dead or alive. It also gives her access to tiers a Skank couldn’t reach, as well as the prison where an old friend is being held prisoner by the Corporation. A friend who was ripped from his life and replaced with a fake.She quickly finds herself in danger when the security teams come after her. She of course thinks it’s because of the Simulacrum, but it’s because of something else, something she doesn’t even realize yet. Vyn is a key; her body is the Key to The Mind. Marked with scars since she was six years old; Vyn could never quite understand why the Corporation had disfigured her.Paul, a main security officer within the Corporation as well as her jailed friend’s brother, comes to her rescue. She finds herself attracted to Paul, but can he see past her scars? Will he betray her trust? Does Paul unwrap the mystery of her scars? Will she escape unhindered? Does the mind claim her? You know the drill!Overall I found this book enjoyable. The author gives explanations of the objects, words and such in the book. However, they were given in the beginning and I had to flip back a lot when I forgot what something was. In a print version this would be much easier, but I state it because e-books are popular. It’s most likely a matter of formatting, so I wouldn’t hold it against the author, nor my opinion of the book itself.I really enjoyed the fast pace this story took and how it intertwined mystery, sci-fi and some very sexy romance. My recommendation is that this is an adult book, and therefore be read by those over the age of 18. There were also no mistakes found within the book, nor any part that didn’t have an excellent flow. If you enjoy sci-fi, action and romance that you’ll enjoy this story too!