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Fallenwood - Leslie Soule Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating:5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Author for Blog TourReviewer: HeatherThis book brings a sense of mystery to the table as Ashley (Ash for short) finds herself in a parallel universe to life as we know it. She is just a normal young woman and works the grindstone of life one excruciating day at a time. Ash wants what every young woman wants and that is to love and peace in her life. Until one painful day she is flung into Fallenwood where she meets some very unexpected friends that join her on a journey to not only save this strange land from destruction, but she must also find herself and purpose in life.This book holds much conflict at its heart as Ash starts on her journey. She has lost so much in her short lifetime that she is pained to her very core. Ash constantly questions her own existence in her world and once again in Fallenwood. She has fought her own demons, but they have only merely been kept at bay. During her adventure they constantly serve as a reminder of all her failures in life, but can she overcome them to save the day? Is Ash willing to sacrifice herself or will she back down when she is needed most? Does she finally find love? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find that out!If you enjoy gentle romance, mysterious prophecies, female heroines (and villains), magic, and alternate universes this book was made for you. The author Leslie Soule really does a wonderful job of spanning multiple genres, but never leaving a stone unturned. I also love the way she chose to end the story where you want more and more. I hope to see Ash and her wonderful gang again in the future. The writing style is easy going with varied paragraph lengths depending on focus. This makes it easy to never become overwhelmed or lost in the story’s communication. I believe that teenagers, young women and those young at heart would really enjoy reading and find a connection with Fallenwood for years to come.