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Extraterrestrial Compendium "Condensed"

Extraterrestrial Compendium "Condensed" - Pat Lee Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/Writer Rating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Sea Lion BooksWow. The Extraterrestrial Compendium is simply remarkable. Whether you are a science fiction lover or you occasionally find yourself daydreaming about the possibilities of what lies beyond (and deep within) the Earth, The EC has something for everyone. The Compendium serves as an index or encyclopedia of every extraterrestrial life form known to man (almost ninety) compiled from myths, legends, conspiracies, “sightings” and other recorded sources. If you have heard of it, it’s in here. If you haven’t, well you soon will. The extensive details along with the magnificent artwork will give you insight into the lives of creatures beyond human comprehension. It’s fun. It’s fascinating. And it’s a MUST-HAVE for any geek.Did you know there are myths and legends about different species that live alongside us on Earth right now and that our planet has been visited on more occasions than believable? For example, Antarcticans are believed to be a humanoid race that spawned from blond haired, blue eyed citizens from Nazi Germany who integrated with the “Grey Aliens” of Antarctica and live in an underground base below the continent. What about the Lyrans? Or you may know them by another name, the mythical Atlantian’s from the colony of Atlantis. Supposedly they are the most ancient of human ancestors and have ties to other galactic families/species. In 1961, allegedly a craft crashed near Phoenix, Arizona and inside were three bodies, two dead and one alive. It is believed the creature was able to communicate telepathically before his passing that he was part of a race of people known as, Tau Cetians. Here to help save humans from the malevolent Grey Aliens known simply as Greys. I could go on and on about the wonderfully intriguing mysteries that you will discover in The Extraterrestrial Compendium. This book is definitely a captivating journey into what many of us believe, that there is life beyond us, and this world is full of others waiting to be discovered. Overall, once I started reading I just couldn’t stop until I hit the last page and found myself wishing there was more. For those of you who play video games, I guarantee you will love this book because several of the races found in our favorite games can be explained away as one of the species in the book. I caught myself a few times saying, “Oh that’s where they came up with that race in Mass Effect”. So if you are wondering do I recommend this beautifully illustrated body of work, ABSOLUTELY! Do I think it’s something everyone should read? MOST DEFINITELY!