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ORCS: Forged for War

Orcs: Forged for War - Stan Nicholls, Joe Flood Say hello to Thundercats meet’s 300. Orcs: Forged for War is an action packed thrill-ride that fantasy fans will love!Full Review can be found at: Mother/Gamer/WriterFavorite Quote: “So we got to babysit a bunch of f***ing goblins in charge of a f***ing weapon we don’t know about, under orders that ain’t f***ing clear.” Magnificent! That pretty much sums up how I feel about this graphic novel. Its action packed, filled with tidbits of comic relief, and the characters resemble some of my favorites from television and other novels. It’s a refreshing journey through the day in the life of an Orc, a misunderstood member of the Elder Races that are a lot smarter than other creatures give them credit for. Once I started reading their story, I could not stop, consuming all 208 pages of death, blood, betrayal, and redemption. It was magical, fun, and just what I needed as a break from all my usual vampire/werewolf romance novels.If you enjoy fantasy elements with a bit comedy thrown in, then this is the graphic novel for you. But I must warn you, please do not read the comic if you do NOT like harsh language, slight nudity, blood, and strong violent content. I would say that the Goodreads description is very accurate as the suggestive content is on par with the movie 300 and its graphic novel counterparts. So if you hated that then you will not like this. Get it, try it, and love it because in the end, not all Orcs are created equal.