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Where Demons Fear to Tread - Stephanie Chong Review Curtsey of NetGalleyMother/Gamer/WriterWhere Demons Fear to Tread is a charming and sexy début novel from Stephanie Chong and a nice introduction to her Company of Angels series. If you are tired of the same old shifters, and vampires are starting to bore you to death, then I highly recommend giving this book a try. Chong demonstrates a new take on the world of angels and demons that walk among us. The premise is fresh and exciting and promises that the story can only get better in the next few novels. The heroine in the novel may leave you wanting more, but the Alpha Male is where it’s at.Serena St. Clair was a beautiful, cautions, and gentle young woman whose life was ended tragically while trying to save a trapped woman who had been in a car accident. She soon finds herself turned into a Guardian Angel and thrust into her first mission to save her famous actor assignee Nick. However, upon entering Devil’s Paradise nightclub and meeting the sexy Archdemon who owns it, Julian Ascher, Serena unknowingly is now positioned between another Guardian Angels agenda and a man who is dead set on watching her fall from grace. Like any other Alpha Male, Julian becomes enamored with the idea of having Serena the moment he lays eyes on her. And as a result, he tries ever avenue possible to seduce the innocent angel. From the first page to the last, the book is a constant tug-of-war between fighting urges and satisfying ones role/destiny.As much as I loved the plot, the book did fall a bit flat for me in some areas. I was not all impressed with the heroine. I understand that Serena is an angel and therefore she is presumed to be pure and innocent; however, what I did not like was her questioning her abilities as an angel. She was very nervous and unsure of herself throughout the novel. Most of the time, she was unable to resist Julian’s advances until the very last second. As an angel who went through training to become a Guardian, you would think she would have learned some discipline and self-control, or at least be able to withstand a little temptation for more than a few second. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it very hard to believe that an angel can be so easily swayed.Another area where I would like to see some improvement is the world building. The book was in dire need of better imagery. Often times I felt I wasn’t being sucked into the world the way I could have been because Chong did a lot more “telling” than “showing”. I would also like to see the universe expanded upon, especially more information/background on angels and demons and their world as a whole. I feel that it can be a vastly beautiful universe when the author learns to show us why. Chong is very talented and full of potential and once she finds her footing, I’m sure the Company of Angels series will be a success.Overall, Where Demons Fear to Tread is a good book for anyone looking to venture outside of vampires. While it did have its faults such as a partially unlikable heroine, the story as a whole is an enjoyable quick read. As I previously stated, once Chong learns to build up her characters and dive deeper into her universe, the series will be outstanding. I am definitely going to continue to read the series because I am interested to see what adventure the author will take us on next.