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Vanished in the Night - Eileen Carr ARC provided by: Gallery & Pocket Books Romance Tour Group3.5 out of 5 StarsVanished in the Night is an investigative thriller, with a bit of romance woven into the plot. Veronica, an ER nurse, is thrown into her stepbrother’s murder investigation after the police begin to question and suspect her father (who you will come to despise). As the story unfolds the reader is introduced to a great deal of characters, one being the love interest of Veronica named Zach. Zach is one of the main investigators on her brother’s case when the two are introduced. In fact, he is the one who broke the news to her that her brother’s body had been found at a construction site. At first Veronica is very apprehensive towards Zach. Being the daughter of a drunk, she does not trust cops and begins to conduct her own investigation into the case. The deeper you travel into the story; you begin to understand the characters motives (even the side characters) and there are clues that keep you guessing about who the killer might turn out to be. This is a story filled with child abuse, a twenty year cover-up, romantic elements, and horrific actions. There is plenty of suspense and heart pounding action that in the end may leave you with palpitations.It was a pretty good book and I will read more books from this author! For full review visit:Mother/Gamer/Writer