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Beautiful Creatures  - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: PurchasedReviewer: JenniferBook two on my wacky “books to film” list is none other than Beautiful Creatures. And let me start this review by saying the book was better than the movie. Not that I didn’t absolutely adore the film, but the book has more character and a lot more detail. Now if you haven’t heard of this book, it centers around star crossed lovers Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate. After spending his entire life in the small town of Gatlin South Carolina, Ethan only has two things on his mind, getting out of town and the girl that has been haunting his dreams. So imagine how surprised he is when the girl shows up in his English class the first day of his junior year. The girl, Lena is strange to say the least being the niece of the ‘town shut in’ doesn’t do her any favors. And being a caster, well a relationship for them is just out of the question. But for some reason, Ethan can’t seem to stay away. There are a ton of reasons why I loved this story. One of them being that I love stories told from a male point of view. And not just any male, but a teenage boy. Reason number two, as previously stated, there is a lot of detail. The world of casters, or spell users (because they hate the term witch), is so detailed you can almost sense it. These are just a few reasons to check out this story, if you loved the movie, I can almost guarantee you love the book.