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The Finding - Nicky Charles Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 ControllersReview Source: Purchased Reviewer: JenniferThe third book in Nicky Charles Laws of the Lycan series centers around Cassie Greyson the niece Anthony Greyson. After her bloody introduction into the Lycan world, Cassie went into hiding. Years later, she has set up a quiet life for herself, a job at a local grocery store, and a home with her sweet and caring boyfriend Kellen. Kellen has his faults, his gambling for example, but Cassie isn’t perfect either. Though she has a seemingly normal life, Cassi knows she’s still being hunted, but she never imagined how they would come. Enter Bryan Cooper, beta to the one and only Ryne Taylor. Bryan has become obsessed with finding Cassie and not even he is sure why. By Lycan Law, their pack is responsible for her. So when she is finally spotted, Bryan is sent to bring her back to Canada and the safety of the pack. Too bad Cassie is dead set of staying away from any and all Lycans. But when Kellen goes missing, Cassie is forced to team up with Bryan to find him and try to deny the obvious chemistry that makes her wolf want to run wild. Something she has never experienced before. Once again, I am back singing the praises of Nicky Charles! It never ceases to amaze me that she has created such a vivid world. Her characters are so realistic that it is easy to believe that this world exist right under our noses. I also, as usual, love the fact that this book was free. She has created this incredible world and isn’t interested in making money from it. If you haven’t gotten started yet, be sure to check out The Mating and The Keeping, the first two books in the amazing Law of the Lycans Series!