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Alice in Zombieland - Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Audible purchaseReviewer: MeGena Showalter is one of my absolute favorite authors! And I can’t help but be a little bit giddy inside when she has a new series. I was skeptical of this one at first because I’ve only read her adult novels and I didn’t want to be disappointed with the lack of smexiness in her YA series. However, I was pleasantly surprised upon finishing Alice in Zombieland. Showalter knows how to craft a freakishly unique story and throw her characters into the bowels of terror. Though I did expect it to more fairytale-ish (and it’s not), I still loved (mostly) every minute of this kick a$$ zombie novel. Alice our protagonist has suffered a great loss and is trying to put the shambles of her life back together. Now living with her grandparents and trying to make it through school, she learns the hard way that her life before, the one she hated so badly, was more full of truth than she could have ever imagined. Enter Cole, a standoffish and sometimes evasive boy, who seems to have a connection to Alice. Their relationship, or should I say their non-relationship, is an on again off again battle to not let feelings interfere with their ultimate goal of killing zombies. He was fun to read at times and I liked learning about his group and how they all got involved with the zombies. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go next and even if they stay together. The only things I didn’t particularly care for in to novel was some of the religious dialogue, and the fact that it’s not really a fairytale story. As with Beauty Awakened, this book had some over-the-top faith talk. Moreover, it seems to be a recurring thing with Showalter’s newer novels. I’m not fond of it because I do think it takes away from the story at times, however I don’t think it’s a reason not to read her work. For those readers who don’t like this sort of thing, just be aware that it is there and it can be a bit heavy. Overall, I do recommend this novel. I think for some, it will be another hit or miss. The audiobook itself was very slow for me. I despised the narrator because she kept putting me to sleep. Her voice sounded 40 years old instead of 16 and I found it hard to believe I was listing to a YA novel. So maybe try picking up the actual book instead.