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Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Audiobook Purchase Reviewer: MeIt’s Gena Showalter, need I say more? Wicked Nights is a hot, steamy, pushing-the-carnal-limits new series for the author. Once again, I am immediately in love with her characters. When the story opens and we are introduced to Annabelle, and her eyes are burning as if they’d been dipped in acid, I knew Showalter was about to take me on another whirlwind adventure. And let me say, she did not disappoint (not that I doubted her genius anyway). With the unlikeliest man and woman falling head-over-heels into a powerful couple, Wicked Nights is a wickedly fabulous thrill ride, and show-stopping escapade! Showalter has a gift for making each of her couples unique, relatable, and fun, and Zacharel and Annabelle are no exception. They have the right amount of smoking-hot chemistry to make the coldest bitter heart swoon with anticipation every single time they touch. Their love affair was exacerbated by the undeniable tension and sheer amount of obstacles they had to overcome. I found myself many times screaming into my headphones for the two to just get it on already. But, as you know, Showalter likes to build, build, and build until her readers can’t take it anymore. It works. It always works. Moreover, in this story of angles vs. demons, it works times ten! Overall, if you are new to Gena, well…I suggest you get on her train right now. She’s an author that knows how to tell a compelling story and make her characters come to life. I highly recommend Wicked Nights, and if demons and other paranormal creatures are your thing, you should also nab her Lords of the Underworld series too!