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The Keeping - Nicky Charles Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: PurchaseReviewer: JenniferThe keeping is the second installment to Nicky Charles exciting werewolf series. The Keeping tells the story of Melody Greene and new pack alpha Ryne Taylor.The story starts when Melody, a journalism mayor, accepts a job for the mysterious Mr. Aldrich to track down and interview nature photographer Ryne Taylor. After a rocky beginning and several road bumps, Melody finally locates Ryne in Stump River, Canada. After hitting several more dead ends, Melody finally comes face to face with Ryne in the most awkward, unprofessional way.Ryne’s life is slowly coming together. He moved to Stump River, Canada with his new beta Bryan and their friend Daniel. The three men are living the life in their new home, renovating their house and enjoying the lush green forest of their property, when all that threatens to come to a screeching halt when the nosey Melody begins poking around town.The attraction between Melody and Ryne is instantaneous. And yet the two can’t seem to stand each other most days. As their attraction grows, problems arise that threaten the lives and freedom of Ryne’s newly formed pack.I enjoyed this book for several different reasons. Obviously the story is great, but the society Nicky Charles has created is incredible. She makes you believe that werewolves are just another race of people. They have their own laws, customs, and traditions. I also love how adaptable this book is. While it’s not been printed, it is compatible with most eReaders. It can also be read from any computer and it is absolutely free.Nicky Charles has done an incredible job with this story. She brings two werewolf stories into the modern world but keeps the classic traits we love.