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Darkness Rebirth Volume 1 TP (Darkness (Top Cow))

The Darkness Rebirth: Volume 1 - David Hine Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/Writer Rating: 5 out of 5 Controllers Review Source: NetGalley Reviewer: MeThe Darkness Rebirth: Volume 1 is a graphic novel gem! Thanks to the amazing minds at Top Cow, fans of the series and new comers alike can welcome with open arms the Rebirth of The Darkness. As the description states, Rebirth Volume 1 comes right on the heels of The Darkness II video game which released February 7th of this year. With its dark and twisted theme, issues #101-#105 are guaranteed to satisfy any science fiction or horror comic fan. Jackie Estacado is the barer of one of the 13 Artifacts of power, which can help or obliterate the universe. Jump ahead to the present, Jackie is an esteemed crime lord, has a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter, unlimited money and resources and all he’s ever wanted. Even when he’s in control, the diabolical creature that consumes him, the Darkness, haunts our main character. With a mind of its own, the Darkness does one thing and one thing only…it destroys. This is a fact that his wife hates and eventually gives him an ultimatum, the Darkness or his family. Jackie enlists the help of someone to remove his demon, which backfires and causes a completely new set of problems for a man who just wants to keep his family together and safe. Now, he is stuck cleaning up the never-ending wake of destruction left by the creature he loathes most in the world. As if that isn't enough, he has a rival mafia faction closing in on his territory. How will Jackie’s story end, you won’t believe it when it happens! The Darkness Rebirth: Volume 1 is by far one of my favorite comics from this year. It’s a cavern of twists and turns most readers will not expect or see coming until it sucker punches them in the face. The art style is phenomenal and every scene leaps from the page and straight into your lap. There were many instances of me sitting in front of the computer with my jaw hanging to the floor. Yes, there will be things that will knot your stomach, and some occasions that will make you say ‘what the h3##’. Nevertheless, they are so worth it, and worth reading repeatedly! With the brief prologue at the beginning of the story, any reader should be able to jump right into the narrative and not feel lost or threatened by the lore of the universe. I have not played the video game so I am not certain if there are any tie-ins, but I can now say this comic has me fired up and I will be picking it up soon to see The Darkness in action! And in case you were wondering, yes it comes with extra features such as deleted scenes and diary entries from characters in the comic to fully enhance your reading experience. Rebirth Volume 1 hits all the makes from crazy supernatural powers, to terrifying and haunting storylines. My overall recommendation, get it, read it, love it, live it!