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Vaempires: Zombie Rising - Thomas  Winship Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: CrayolaKymThis book is the second book in the Evolutionary War series between two warring species; the Vampires and the mutated Vaempire’s. This book stayed faithful to the first starting and ending with action, action, and more action. This book was definitely more hack and slash than usual and I felt the story line was muted because of the constant fight scenes with the boys, who again, are just too young even if vampire, to maintain a strong heroic visual for me. However, I do love me some mindless hack and slash, blow flowing action sequences at times as a nice refresher to many of the female writers who often soften the scenes. I would in fact compare Winship’s usage of action to the writings of Laurell K. Hamilton, a writer who doesn’t hold back, who writes exactly what she is feeling, and knows that her typical readers will love it.In book 2, Vielyn, leader of the Vaempires is out to destroy the world and is searching for atomic weapons to do so. The city has all but become a ghost town as the vampires flee for safety and most of their loved ones have been slain. Linq and Ray are on a mission to reach Cassandra and Daniel at the Castle before it is too late and something bad happens to her also. The story thickens as they enter one of the Castle yards and a faint heart beat can be heard. Upon further investigation the boys notice it belongs to a frail girl. They debate over killing her then get distracted. Before they know it all hell breaks loose again and all of the dead Vaempires that were just lying cold at their feet are being reanimated into zombies. With Ray still weakened from an earlier fight and all of the synth blood depleted, will the boys make it to the Princess and Daniel before it’s too late?While I thought this book was even better than the first, I felt the ending left me hanging and I was expecting more. And why would Cassandra return to her room for what seems like hours, when she knows that Vielyn is looking for her? We know from the first book she is not stupid, so this turn of sequence shocked me. I highly recommend if you are going to read the first book to just go ahead and pick up this book also as you really won’t be let down at all.