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Alight: The Peril (Pyxis, #2)

Alight: The Peril (Pyxis, #2) - K.C. Neal Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: BB Book ToursReviewer: MeNot losing any steam, Alight picks up shortly after the events in Pyxis. Readers are immediately thrust back into the chaotic world of Corinne, Angeline, and Mason. I felt like a prodigal daughter returning home, I didn’t realize how much I truly missed these charismatic characters until I began lingering over their every word. Once again, Neal has delivered a phenomenal body of work; from swoon worthy YA characters, to epic battles and boys that glow, every single second of Alight is a magical thrill ride. An adventure. An edible story that will delight even the coldest of hearts. At the moment, our MC Corinne has a LOT on her plate. Discovering her destiny and coming into her powers is just one of those things. How does one balance defending the town and having a life as a normal teenager? Yeah, it’s complicated to say the least. However, Corinne to me is one strong individual. I love her feistiness and optimism in the midst of her troubles. She doesn’t know it all, nor is she an all powerful superhero type of girl. No, she’s just a girl from a small town who happened to inherit an extraordinary gift. She’s fun, relatable, makes mistakes, and above all, loves her friends. What more could you ask for from a character? The entire supporting cast from Pyxis all make an exciting return in Alight. Mason absolutely melts my heart. With every word, caress, and needful look, he delivers a gentle animalistic magnetism that gets to me every time. He’s the type of character you want to fall in love with, you dream of being with, and the best friend you want in your corner. But – yes there is a but – Neal added some juicy flavor to the mix. Enter Zane, a mysterious older Australian character who screams, bad boy. I am fanning myself just thinking about him *insert tons of blushing here*. Not to give away to many details, Zane is just delicious, yummy, and any other adjective you want to throw in to describe a hot male character. His role in Corinne’s life is still up in the air. However, as suggested by the EPIC cliffhanger, Zane will be in the next installment and I for one cannot wait to see if my predictions come true. Oh and let’s not forget the revelations we lean in Alight about the Pyxis, Corinne’s destiny, and the other Guardian! To avoid spoilers I will only say two things, I was right and K.C. you are terrible for making me wait to read book 3. Seriously though, don’t start reading the series unless you intend on getting hooked and don’t mind. Overall, in Alight, the stakes are higher, a possible new love interest arises, friendships are mended, and battles are fought. It’s one awesome non-stop turn right after another. I highly recommend the Pyxis Series to everyone. It’s suitable for young teens and older generations alike. Everyone will be able to find something – or someone – in the series to fall in love with.