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Ever My Merlin (Book 3, My Merlin Series)

Ever My Merlin - Priya Ardis Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 Controllers, Royalty AwardReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: HeatherI’ve had the lovely and honorable opportunity to follow along with the Merlin stories Priya Ardis has written from the beginning. I’ve fallen into the abyss, and i drank the kool-aid, but in the end i came out unscathed, but still wanting more with each book she has written. If you have not had this chance, please start with My Boyfriend Merlin, followed by My Merlin Awakening.Ryan continues her inner struggles as well as those within her own heart. She knows that her heart can only belong to one: Merlin or his brother Vane. But what will happen when the choice she makes sacrifices the other? Merlin is older than dirt, and his been there done that attitude will do absolutely nothing for him when he awakes to no magic. Ryan had made a choice on his behalf, and he boy was he livid. Yet no matter what she says or does, he still loves her deeper than she will ever know. Vane, now the Fisher King, took the power in order to save the world, his brother, and the only woman he will ever love. Ryan refuses to give up on Vane so easily, but she quickly falls into his devilish games where people she loves and respects die. Yet no matter how evil the beast within seems, she knows her Vane is still in there, he is not lost forever, and she will fight to get him back.It is a pure race against time (really the end of the world is approaching quickly), and Ryan, Vane and Merlin must work together, or watch their world be torn asunder, disappearing into oblivion forever. Even when it becomes clear that they could save a few, Ryan knows it is not enough. Can the bearer of Excalibur, the wise and powerful Merlin, and the newly crowned Fisher King pull through? I felt powerful emotions as I read Ever My Merlin. Part of it was knowing that the story was winding down, and when we fall in love with characters, it is like saying goodbye to a close friend. Yet even knowing the My Merlin series is done, I found myself wanting more. A love story, an old mythical fairy tale, an adventure, and modern times walked into a “pub” and came out the other side as the My Merlin series. This is how I like to describe it, but really this only scratches the surface. Priya Ardis also writes wonderful, suspense filled scenes where the characters duel, fight, and get into all kinds of normal teenage trouble. I love the realism of each and everyone, even the wizards and gargoyles. You won’t find fake emotions in My Merlin, just everyday feelings we all go/went through as a teen.Ever My Merlin is written for the older YA audience, but as i have said before, this book is also written for us adults too. I love anything related to Merlin, Camelot, and I could go on and on. Yet this was my first real series that I have had the pleasure to read that brings this lovely tale to a younger crowd. I look forward with sharing it with my own children, so that they too may grow to love the story of the sword bearer, and find their own hope.