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Blood of Anteros (The Vampire Agápe Series, #1) - Georgia Cates Originally Reviewed At:Mothter/Gamer/WriterRating: 4 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: Jennifer Anytime I’m sent a vampire book, I get a little nervous. Most end up with the same plot lines, boy meets girl, they fall in inevitable love, yet the boy is tortured by his own immortality and self-hate. Something happens to make the girl suspicious, she starts digging, finds out he is a vampire, and insanity ensues. When it came to Blood of Anteros, while in most ways I was right, I was pleasantly surprised to find that in many ways, I was wrong. Curry Brennan is very much the brooding, self-loathing, vampire I expected him to be, however the hate he held for his maker, Marsala, was a bigger surprise. Living as a 26 year-old in the 1800’s, Curry only dreamed of becoming a husband and father, living out his life in peace. His dreams were shattered when Marsala made him a monster, a vampire. Though she did this out of love, he still despised her with every fiber of his immortal being. When his hatred for her reaches a boiling point, Curry decides to escape the only way he can, suicide. On the night Curry intends to carry out his death, things take an unexpected turn, and instead of meeting death, he finds freedom. Deciding to go to the place of his birth, he meets Chansey Leclaire. After befriending her, he falls in love and realizes the dreams he had as a human may still become a reality. However, when outside forces close in, threatening his newfound happiness, Curry is forced to accept the fact that Chansey is not entirely what she appears to be. Something else that surprised me – in a good way – was the meeting between Curry and Chansey. Unlike most stories, it was not an earth shattering, stars aligning moment. It was a typical, two people meet, they are attracted to one another, but unsure of the others feelings. It was very warm and realistic, something many recent YA novels tend to lack. Moreover, it is this realism, along with Curry’s strong voice, that drew me in and kept me hanging on until the very last page. I loved every minute of their story and love affair, and am so very glad not all vampire novels are the same.