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Shadow Of The Witte Wieven - Debbie Peterson Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: HeatherWhere to start, oh where to start. Well first of all I went into this story blind as a bat. I actually thought Witte Wieven was a person, and from the title I actually thought they must be a ghost, or something. Ha! Jokes totally on me. It’s actually the name of a 17th century ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle along with the members of it’s crew, including the dashing and charming Captain Dirksen aka Wolf – who just happens to be quite skilled in manners of escape, evasion as well as stealing hearts. BUT… yes big but, the story isn’t completely centered around them, no, Aliyana Rosa Montijo is our real hero heroine in this story. She was deep, deep undercover in a major drug lords’ business when she uncovered a plot to kill DEA agents, their wives, and children. She set off on her escape route when she encountered trouble that caused her to crash land her stolen plane. Once recovered – with the help of the crew of the Wieven - she learns that the Wolf pack may have originated in our world, but due to an anomaly, they had found a way to not only cross dimensions of time but also enter into other worlds. This makes them appear ghost like and give them powers such as speed, walking through objects, and the ability to forgo food and sleep when in this dimension. Wolf wants Aliyana to return home with him, but she fears for the DEA agents and their families. She can’t make a decision until this is solved and the evil drug lord is behind bars. There is a lot more to this plot…but you need and I mean NEED to read it. Into the book these are the plot turning questions I asked myself. First off, does Aliyana succeed? Do they find out who gave up her cover? Will she choose to follow her heart and leave the dimension? Does the ‘Wolf Pack’ get to have some ghostly fun on the bad guys that work for the drug lord? This is a real suspenseful page turning read that had me hooked right away. I fear to give up to much for those who haven’t had the pleasure to read it yet. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys suspense, mystery and of course romance. I also loved the fresh approach on the Bermuda triangle! Shadow of The Witte Wieven is a very refreshing story that you’ll be sure to love no matter how old you are.