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Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: Diayll: 3.5 Controllers, Heather: 4 ControllersReview Source: We bought it day one :-)Reviewers: This Is A Joint Review by Me and HeatherHeather’s Take on Deadlocked: Deadlocked is the newest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series. If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous books then drop everything now and get started. If you’re a fan of True Blood, the popular HBO series, then you will enjoy the books that much more! Sookie is infamous for getting herself in the middle of, well, everything. Deadlocked isn’t any exception, and of course the love triangle continues as Bill wants to be with Sookie, but Sookie wants Eric…oh and Alcide wants Sookie too… But for those familiar with the Stackhouse series, you know there is always more than a love triangle when it comes to Charlaine Harris’ series. In Deadlocked, Eric is hosting the Vampire King when a woman appears dead on his front lawn. The cops of course try to blame the vampires as she had been seen with Eric at the party, and he had fed from her. He tells Pam and Sookie that she was mouth watering, and irresistible, but why? And who really killed her? When the police come to a dead end it’s left to Sookie, Eric, and Bill to clear his name. But there is more than one mystery in this novel. For those who have read the previous books, and if you haven’t stop reading now because this is a spoiler, we still don’t know why or who spelled Dermot (Sookie’s fairy uncle). Oh, oh, oh my! There is a twist here that you’ll never, ever see coming folks! Ok so maybe I lied about the spoiler, but really, I don’t want to give this part away. For me the very, very best part was the end. Sam, Sookie’s shifter boss and best friend, has been one of my favorites in the series. It probably doesn’t help that I drool over the actor that plays him in the series either (and the man who plays Alcide droooooool). I loved that they were both in this novel again, and not just small minor parts. A lot of people haven’t been thrilled with how drawn out the Sookie Stackhouse series has been. I’ve even read comments that say she should have ended it already. I disagree. While some books are better than others this is a series that I never want to end. I love Sookie, there I said it! I love her character to pieces, and I love that she is an average girl (not some skinny waif!) with a tiny hint of faerie blood. If you’re like me, and you enjoy a good paranormal romance meets mystery, then do yourself a favor, read this series. Read it today and get lost in the world of Sookie Stackhouse! Rating4 out of 5 Controllers My Take on Deadlocked:Thank goodness Charlaine Harris is back on track with her Sookie Stackhouse novels, however it’s too bad the series is coming to a close because Deadlocked reminded me why I loved the series in the first place. In my review of the eleventh novel in the series, Dead Reckoning, I was completely flabbergasted by Sookie’s actions. Actually, I think I was outraged because it just seemed like Harris was changing her characters personalities and making them act in ways they normally wouldn’t. Eric, Pam and Sookie all – in my opinion – were not themselves. And by the end of the novel, the fate of Eric and Sookie’s relationship hung in the wind, there was no clear cut answer as to whether or not their love – or lust – would survive. Deadlocked for me brought back what I adored most about the Stackhouse series…mystery. In this twelfth novel mysteries run rampant and it was a lot of fun playing amateur sleuth with Sookie while she tried to uncover the who, what, and why to several crazy things that happened in Bon Temps. And finally, we start getting answers to burning questions about Faeries, spells, and the motives of her cousins, Dermont and Claude. Cameos, cameos, and more cameos also happen in this novel. Yes it was exciting seeing some of our beloved characters from the other eleven books make an appearance in Deadlocked. Some brought exciting news and others where there to simply play catch up on what’s been happening in their lives. I loved reading every minute of it! Mr. Cataliades, Diantha and, Quinn were definitely my favorites. And of course, who doesn’t want to see Alcide…yum. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the guest appearances, the wild mysteries, and I am relieved some of my questions were answered, there is still one thing that bothers the heck out of me…Sookie and Eric. I think…no I know I am over their relationship. If Sookie has to continuously convince herself that she loves Eric and he loves her, then they don’t need to be together. There was no great Eric Northman in this novel and for us Eric lovers, it’s a travesty. Where are my infamous sexual encounters, where is Eric’s humor, heck where is Eric????? His depressing and angry mood was an annoyingly tough read. Even though I can sympathize with his situation, I cannot sympathize with Harris making me inevitable hate one of my favorite characters. When have we ever known Eric to back down from anything? Never. So why now? Why is he so back and forth with his decisions? I just don’t get it, and it makes me angry…gurrrrrr. Well, now that this review has turned into a semi rant, I must give you my overall recommendation for Deadlocked. It is definitely a must read for any fan of the series, and it may satisfy some of your mystery cravings. However, if you are looking for the classic Sookie, you know the one from book one Dead Until Dark, she’s here, albeit not much, but the Sookie we love is here. On the other hand, the other characters we cherish (Eric, Pam, Bill, etc), steamy romantic encounters, and the fire and passion that drew us into the world of Ms. Stackhouse in the first place…well it’s missing. *insert sad face here* Did I just contradict myself with my first and last sentence of this review? See what Deadlocked did to me! My Rating3.5 out of 5 Controllers