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World'S Creepiest Places

The World's Creepiest Places - Bob Curran Originally Reviewed at: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating:4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source:NetGalleyReviewer:HeatherThe World’s Creepiest Places is a rather fun, and interesting compilation of, you guessed it, the world’s creepiest places. This has been rather exciting for me to read, because I love both the paranormal as well as history. Even if you’re not a heavy reader, each place is about a chapter long, so you can read up at your own pace. What I really enjoyed was the perspective the author took. He doesn’t just tell you about the places. No, he goes in depth into the history surrounding the eerie feelings, or sightings at each location. If psychics, myth-busters, or the like have done studies, he also includes their findings too. Travel back into time as the legends, myths, and ghost stories are retold from a fresh angle. You will not be disappointed. If you’re like me, you’ll also find yourself planning your bucket list around the fabulously haunted lands, buildings, and ruins. I think it’s plain as day that I’ve really enjoyed this book. I typically don’t read non-fiction, because in my opinion, it’s boring. I loved the short chapters, but they weren’t short on information either. If you enjoy real ghost stories, or even history, I think you’d enjoy this book. Just keep in mind it’s not meant to scare or freak you out. Instead it’s meant to inform, and make you think. Are these places really haunted? Or do we develop certain feelings around places because of their history?