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Dragon Age Volume 1: The Silent Grove (Dragon Age (Dark Horse Hardcover))

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove - David Gaider, Chad Hardin, Alexander Freed Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source:NetGalleyReviewer:MeI have been waiting on this one! Dragon Age Volume 1: The Silent Grove is definitely a graphic novel for fans of the game, Dragon Age:Origins and Dragon Age II. We see the return of Alistair who is our main character, on a quest to find his missing father Maric. Along beside him for the journey are Isabela, who you may recall is a thief and the captain of the pirate ship, The Siren’s Call. Also we have Varric, the surface dwarf who narrates the story of Dragon Age II. So yes fans, we have an eclectic bunch who have banded together by necessity to find Alistair’s missing father. Being a fan of both video games, my expectations for this graphic novel were extremely high. Thank goodness I wasn’t disappointed! I was able to quickly immerse myself back into the world of Ferelden, a land that has been recovering from the Fifth Blight and a grave civil war. We are immediately thrown into the action as our characters meet one another to get acquainted before embarking on their first mission, raiding the archives of The Crows. From here on out, the story is filled with angst as we watch our character be betrayed, discover hidden secrets, and encounter The Witch of the Wilds. I was captivated and enjoyed every single minute of the non-stop action. Art wise, I liked the illustrations, though I do believe the characters looked a little more cartoonish than Dragon Age style. It wasn’t a huge issue, but I can see it throwing some fans of the series off. The mystery surrounding Alistair’s father was very intriguing and eluded to several possibilities in the upcoming continuation. I loved seeing The Witch of Wilds, Yavana. We also get a few references to her infamous mother and sister, Flemeth and Morrigan who are both heavily present in the games. And of course you can’t have Dragon Age without DRAGONS! So yup, you will see those too! Overall, this is definitely a graphic novel for fans of the series who want to immerse themselves deeper into the world. If you are not a gamer but still enjoy graphic novels with an exciting storyline and over-the-top characters, then please go and pick this one up!