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Aron Warner's Pariah issue #4

Aron Warner's Pariah issue #4 - Aron Warner Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 ControllersReview Source:Sea Lion Books for Honest ReviewReviewer: MeFranklin Hyde, the self proclaimed savior of Vitro’s. Born into a wealthy political family, Franklin was the thing they wanted to forget. His parents, unloving and uncaring, kept him hidden from the world. He was in fact, their dirty little secret. So for Franklin, books were his life, the only way for him to gain any knowledge about the world he would never get to see or live in. But when he sees the news of how Vitro’s are being treated and accused of violence left and right, he decides to act. Now out of hiding, Franklin has taken it upon himself to collect all known Vitro’s and take them to a safe place where no one can harm them. A place to call home. But like everyone else, he also has another agenda. This is the issue where everything we have witnessed in comics #1 through #3 comes together. Yes my darlings, we have seen this man before and now we are given his full story. Issue #4 is filled with a lot of lies and deceit. As I previously stated in my review of Issue #3, the first two Issues were more comical. However, these last two have been darker and full of grim overtones. Again, I love, love, love Franklin. Is he a bad Vitro? Not necessarily. Is he willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants? Absolutely. In the end, even his plans are futile, because nothing is ever how it seems in Pariah. Overall, Pariah Issue #4 will definitely leave you wanting more! Graphically speaking Issue #4 remains on par with the rest. This is just the beginning of what I am sure will be a suburb graphic novel series. The EPIC cliffhanger may make you scream and shout, but trust me it’s worth it. But make sure you check them out in order because this is a story you don’t want to miss!