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Aron Warner's Pariah issue #3

Aron Warner's Pariah issue #3 - Aron Warner Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 4.5 ControllersReview Source:Sea Lion Books for Honest ReviewReviewer: MeRobert Maudsley, a fifteen year old kid, who is anything but ordinary. He’s hungry. And not just for food mind you, but also power. One of the scariest Vitro’s because of his lack of compassion, morals, or any other virtue that might make him human, he has the ability to manipulate/persuade people to do anything he desires. All he needs is a way in. And through his words he will trap his unsuspecting victim, molding them for his own purpose and experiments. He’s dangerous, calculating, and downright crazy. And I LOVE him! When I reviewed Pariah Issues #1 and #2, I found those stories to be more colorful and humorous. But Issue #3 was not the least bit funny. In fact, it’s so dark and disturbing it’s like swallowing a jagged little pill (haha did you catch that Alanis Morissette reference?). While the main characters from the previous installments seemed to be relatively good people who only used their powers when necessary, Maudsley on the other hand is definitely a bad, bad character. Fueled by his curiosity and a nonchalant attitude, Maudsley uses ordinary humans for “experiments” which mainly consists of violence. He’s wanted by the police, so what. Not even the threat of jail or worse will stop him. That is until his next target turns out to be a Vitro, and his plans seem to be even more disturbing than Maudsley’s. But what is our main character to do when he is offered a job that may be too good to refuse? Overall, Pariah #3 is by far my favorite. I love it when an author can switch up the tone and mood of a story in a series and make us see it in a different light.The graphics are still wonderfully illustrated and infused with lots of browns and yellows to give readers an ominous feeling. And when any story focuses on the simple phrase “I am hungry”, you know it’s going to be good!