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Kings & Queens - Courtney Vail Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 2 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: Blog TourReviewer: AimeeKayI’m not happy with this book. I expected more, especially seeing its banners everywhere lately and people gushing over the cover, I expected a lot more. I will say I was kind of hesitant about the whole love triangle part of the story, but as it turned out that was the least of my worries. First I really had issues with the main character. She just did such dumb, and I mean dumb, things that I found it annoying. I understand she isn’t going to go to the cops with every little detail. I mean if you let the cops handle things then where would the story be right? (Tons of horror flicks prove this theory) But she just purposely seemed to be putting herself into harm’s way! She’s always running off by herself, she refuses to carry a cell phone, she sees her best friend doing things that scream he is in league with the shooters, but she still trusts him. Second the story itself drove me crazy. I will say that the end of the story cleared up a lot of the characters split personality issues that had me scratching my head throughout most of the book. But it didn’t clear up why certain facts about certain characters were revealed seemingly out of sequence. For example, one of the main characters kept having a complaint about their eye bothering them, but it wasn’t revealed until later that his problem with his eye was a reoccurring issue which plagued him for quite a while and seemed to only happen when he was upset. Yes it made sense once it was explained why it happened, but it made no sense to just pop it in there that his eye was hurting, and then finally say a few chapters later that it happened with regular frequency. Also there were certain lines that just popped up out of nowhere that made no sense or felt that they were just thrown in to make more of a mystery, when in fact; there was already enough mystery to carry the story through until the end. Third the summary goes into great detail that Maj feels she can’t go to the police right away because she has already caused a hubbub with the belief that her father was murdered. But that is barely even mentioned until midway through, and then it seems like she made less of a big deal than the summary implied. Over all the concept of the story itself I think would have made a great read. But the way it was presented just failed to draw me in and hold my attention. I found myself forcing my eyes to finish reading the book just to see if it would make sense at the end and to see if it would get any better. I’m glad the end seemed to tie up all the loose strings, but I was so agitated by the end that I don’t think it really matters. I’m giving the book 2 controllers out of 5. I was really disappointed with it considering the hype I’ve seen about it lately and I wish I could have enjoyed it more, but I’m sorry I just didn’t.